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About Our Company

Vaddo, Inc is proud to be going into our 10th year in business. We were founded in August of 2011 and since then have grown from a staff of just 5 in Houston, to now stretch across 5 states, 8 locations and over 80+ staff from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We are the only remaining privately owned sales company that has not only survived, but expanded and grown through Hurricane Harvey and now most recently the Pandemic of 2020. We have been recognized now and not only one of Houston’s, but The Nation’s Best Places to Work for the past 8 years running.

Vaddo, Inc. specializes in the hardest aspect for any business, acquiring and obtaining new customers for their clients. We do not market, we do not advertise, we deliver sales results as promised, on time, and have over delivered for the past decade. Our separation from all competitors is we promise a lot and deliver even more. Our model is built for change and adaptation, we will never say “this is how we always do things” and that philosophy has allowed us to grow and achieve when many similar companies have failed. Our humility and work ethic are our backbones of our structure and we do not hide that we take a lot of pride in simply outworking our promises to deliver the results our clients asked of us.

New customers are vital to a company's success. We promise our clients that we will help them increase profits and marketshare everyday, by representing them with professionalism and always seeking to find a win for both the client and their customer.
Leadership is a key to success at Vaddo, Inc. Due to the amount of revenue our firm has been able to deliver to clients, we have tremendous expansion demand from clients. They want us in every major market in the Midwest. We need leaders who can help spearhead market expansion.
One secret to our success has been our training program. Every manager in our organization is required to learn sales and operations from the ground up. This enables them to have first-hand experience, which really strengthens their ability to coach and mentor others.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower and equip our staff to take control of their professional and personal lives.
This strategy and company culture created off these words has allowed us to grow each year steadily while navigating extremely tough circumstances such as Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and, most recently, COVID-19 in 2020. Neither of those circumstances broke us; it only made us stronger today.

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    Areas of Expertise:

    With hands-on coaching from senior management, individuals have the opportunity to become future leaders in the marketing industry with competitive sales techniques and business knowledge.
    By placing a high emphasis on results, we ensure our team is always on their A game and understands the value of exceeding our clients' expectations quarter after quarter!
    Our team's extensive training has allowed Vaddo Inc. to acquire thousands of customers per year for our client through our personal and relationship-based system.
    Vaddo, Inc. helps companies that are looking to acquire new business using a trusted, outsourced resource. We provide growth while retaining the progress they have already achieved.