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“Pressure Comes From Within:” Connor Webber’s Career Advice

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Welcome to Vaddo Inc., where talented entrepreneurs of the new decade are working to connect people across the country in the collective spirit of drive. Connor Webber is one of those capable young leaders, having joined the team in June of 2018. As we approach the two-year mark in his career, we are looking back on the road that brought him here, and what lies ahead.

Born and raised in Texas, Webber remembers his childhood as an athletic one. The dedicated athlete wrestled competitively throughout college and recognized the competitive environment as a highly influential one. “The competitive spirit made me a better person,” says Webber, “It instilled in me the mindset that I must be the hardest worker in the room.” After graduating from high school, Webber packed his bags and began studying business and economics at Lyon College, where he split his time between his studies, wrestling, and his membership with Kappa Sigma fraternity. “It was tough for me to change states and be away from my family,” says Webber, “I learned a lot about independence and became a more prepared adult during the process.”

A young Connor Webber once dreamed of being a police officer. How did the same person who once said he would never be in the sales industry, become one of the most proficient business leaders in our field of work? “I can see now that the steadfast persistence that I have always embodied made me perfectly suited for this career,” says Webber, “but in truth, Vaddo Inc. is the reason I am in this position. As soon as I walked into the Vaddo Inc office, I saw that the energy was very family-oriented and tight-knit. The team hangs out together after work, and I was able to build personal relationships beyond work. My team has taught me the importance of self-worth, and in turn, I have learned to understand myself and gained a sense of confidence.”

As a leader in the office and out, Connor Webber is quick to uplift fellow entrepreneurs and those just breaking into the industry. “When I meet prospective candidates, I am always sure to share with them the warmth and embrace that circulates the Vaddo Inc office each day,” says Webber, “I look for an eagerness to learn and grow because that is something you cannot teach. I want to grow in this company, but more than that, I want to contribute to the growth of the office as a whole. My favorite thing about this industry is the ability to meet and impact new people and watch them grow.”

In the coming years, Connor Webber plans to hold the keys to his own office location for our client, inspiring young sales professionals for years to come. For those looking to emulate the professional success that Webber has seen, he shares this advice: “Be honest with yourself; don’t try to fluff up your experience or present yourself as someone that you’re not. Be yourself, and the rest speaks for itself. Pressure comes from within, be confident, and remember what you have to offer.”