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Words of Advice from Manager-in-Training, Dean Habeeb

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Vaddo Inc’s Manager-in-Training, Dean Habeeb, knows what it takes to run a successful business. At just twenty-five, the young entrepreneur has climbed to the top of the ranks in this industry and is actively making strides towards owning his own business and providing further opportunities for business leaders. Habeeb’s journey with Vaddo Inc began in April of 2017 when he joined the team. Born and raised in Kent, Ohio, Habeeb never expected a career in sales, but always dreamt of working with people and leading a team. As a minority in the business world, Dean Habeeb has had to work twice as hard as others to reach his success level. “My only advice for other minorities in the business world is “perform as a level in which people can’t try to hold you back from your goals.”

How does one spin a dream of neurosurgery to managing an independent business? “As a kid, I watched the movie “Gifted Hands” about Ben Carson, the super famous neurosurgeon,” says Habeeb, “so I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. Then as I grew up a bit and got into high school, I wanted to be a teacher and soccer coach until about my junior year. That’s when I became interested in business and management. I played college soccer after high school. That was an incredible experience that taught me precious lessons of discipline, leadership, and sportsmanship. I think my work ethic is something that I bring to the table. I am willing to work harder than anybody in the room and do whatever it takes to get the job done.” A history on the soccer field may be what pushed Dean Habeeb into this career, cultivating his drive and making him a real competitor. I am an extremely competitive person,” says Habeeb, “I’ve been playing soccer since I could walk, and I have played many other sports growing up. Competition is just a part of who I am.”

Since joining Vaddo Inc and the industry as a whole, Habeeb has seen his share of highs and lows. “My career has grown exponentially since starting at Vaddo,” says Habeeb, “I came in with no sales experience whatsoever, and now I have the opportunity to manage my own team of sales leaders on a daily basis. I have learned the leadership lessons necessary to lead my team and develop my guys personally and professionally. When you take on the task of leadership, you lose the right to be human in public, so it can be challenging at times to always be on for your people.” Fortunately for his team and customers, Habeeb is passionate about the opportunity and creating a future for himself and others. The entrepreneur finds new motivation each day with the desire to be better than he was yesterday.

It’s no secret that a novel challenge brought on by 2020 is operating the business during a pandemic, but here at Vaddo Inc, we’ve chosen to see the silver lining. “This experience put us in a unique position to grow,” says the Assistant Manager, “I’m excited for the growth we will all see in the remaining months of 2020.”

In the next five years, the Manager-in-Training sees himself running a multi-million dollar sales organization and starting to plan a future for his family. His advice for others looking to do the same? “Get into something where you can get transferrable experience,” says Habeeb, “sales is so transferrable to any field.” We can vouch for this man and his advice that those looking to follow in his footsteps would be wise to heed his advice. “My greatest accomplishment to date is becoming a person worth following,” says Habeeb, “I had a recent experience where someone said they wanted to be like me, and that was an awesome feeling.”