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The King of Transferrable Skills: Meet Per Lefsrud

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Vaddo, Inc’s Senior Team Lead, Per Lefsrud, is a twenty-eight-year-old superstar. All-star entrepreneur, inspiring leader, and insightful businessman, Lefsrud joined our team in the summer of 2018 and has been crushing goals ever since. Born and raised in Canada, Per Lefsrud once dedicated his life to the dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. How does a science savant become a record-breaking salesman? Lefsrud’s story guides the way.

After graduating from high school, Per Lefsrud spent two years studying engineering and working towards designing formula one engines. Halfway through his studies, Lefsrud caught the business bug. “It was a big discovery for me, that I preferred the business side of things more,” says Lefsrud, “I decided to walk away from engineering and get my bachelor’s degree in business. After that, I went on to get my MBA. I didn’t picture myself in a role like this, but I quickly discovered that sales and business skills are the most important and most transferrable in the game.”

There are no prerequisites to a career in business, especially at Vaddo, Inc. Some of the best and brightest in the field have come from all walks of life, never anticipating a career in a suit. That said, an MBA has long been around as that ‘extra step’ to enhance an entrepreneur’s career. “My MBA has given me the tools to understand the business from all angles and strategize accordingly,” says Lefsrud, “I am very happy with my decision to earn an MBA, and I think it gives me an extra edge in the business world. Additionally, I am fairly empathetic, which is important in this field; it helps me be a more effective coach.”

Competitive by nature, Per Lefsrud spent his youth on teams; soccer, hockey, and baseball. “Sports are a catalyst for growing someone’s competitive drive,” says Lefsrud, “You have to have some of that spirit already; that’s what attracts you to sports to begin with, but if you want to be successful and win, that competitive drive needs to grow continuously.”

Like any good entrepreneur, Per Lefsrud finds motivation within himself. Life can be challenging, and business can be slow, so the key to success is intrinsic drive. “I am motivated each day by the idea of being better than I was yesterday,” says Lefsrud, “I am passionate about putting myself in a position that embodies freedom. Being able to do what you want when you want to, and to help others around you, is something that’s always driven me.”

Per Lefsrud hopes to run his own business in the coming years, creating opportunities for generations to come.

“I define success by my level of freedom,” says Lefsrud, “If I have the money to do what I want with my time, that’s success to me. However, success goes deeper than that; it’s about helping build others. I always tell other future leaders the importance of growth. Learn constantly, always work to better yourself, and set direction. Perspective is everything. No matter your situation, someone always has it worse. Stop comparing yourself to others and get back on the horse.”

Here at Vaddo, Inc., Per Lefsrud is just one of many inspiring leaders. He comes into work each day with a positive attitude and an unbreakable drive. His collaboration and team skills make him the perfect fit for this team. We look forward to working alongside him for years to come.