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Going With God: Charissa Radach’s Story

Vaddo, Inc’s very own Charissa Radach is approaching her twenty-fourth birthday. This month, we want to celebrate everything that this outstanding Account Manager has brought into our lives as a teammate, leader, and friend. Born and raised in Saint Paul, MN, Radach is a loving wife, cunning sales-woman, and continuous student. We sat down with Radach to discuss who she is, her why, and what the future holds. 

 Let’s start at the top. Who are you? Give us the elevator pitch of ‘you.’

“I am married to my amazing husband, Dylan. We have been married for a year and five months now, so lots to learn. Marriage is worth it, it takes work, but it’s worth it. I got my degree in Business Management, so I had an idea that I might find myself in sales at some point. I love connecting with people, so I think deep down, I hoped that I would experience sales. As a child, I knew that I wanted to make an impact, positively influence people, and love them well. After high school, I pursued higher education at Dallas Baptist University. My college experience was incredibly formative. I learned so much about being independent, self-sufficient, financially wise, emotionally intelligent, and self-aware. I loved the change I went through; I got to serve the university in so many different leadership positions and learn so much about other people. College helped me understand what kind of impact I want to make on this earth, what kind of person I want to be, and ultimately, who I am.”

Every career brings highs and lows, even at a place as great as Vaddo, Inc. What are your career highs and lows, day-to-day?

“I love that this industry has allowed me to learn and continue learning. I’ve learned so much about work ethic, being truly positive, helping people, and discipline. This job has helped me understand what I truly value in a career—as for the lows, staying motivated has been a challenge. I heard someone once say that sales is the only industry where you must have both discipline and talent to be successful. A statement like that is motivating, but putting that into practice and making that insight actionable is tough. To stay motivated, I surround myself with wonderful people, like my husband, who pours into me, I listen to good speakers, and I read my Bible.”

Would you say you were built for this career?

“I’m not sure I was built for it necessarily, but I think I bring a unique perspective—rather than trying to get to the top of the ladder or make the most money, I desire to know people, truly help them, and demonstrate integrity and kindness. That said, I am competitive, and that is required for a career like this. I love to ask people: Do you hate to lose, or love to win? I hate to lose.”

Who are you outside of the office? What are you passionate about?

“I am passionate about people. I am passionate about making a difference and an impact. I am passionate about exemplifying virtues that this world needs more because that’s what I am called to do, not just because certain virtues are trendy. I am an extrovert; I love being with people, and they energize me.”

How has this global pandemic affected you personally and your career growth?

“I recently graduated in May, so looking for a job in the COVID-19 job market was hard, but in sales, there are commodities and certain products that people can’t live without, so it’s a good industry to be in. I fully believe that everything happens for a reason, so my career has not been affected; I got a job and am gaining experience, so I’m thankful. For the remainder of 2020, I am looking forward to the holidays and spending time with family. I am also really hopeful and excited to see events and traditions bring people together.”

You have such an incredibly positive mindset. How do you keep moving forward with light, even in times of darkness?

“Knowing that wonderful people and amazing lessons lie ahead of me in my day motivates me to wake up, and of course being married to my husband excites me to have a killer day, so I can come home to him and tell him all about it. I let God lead me through every season; only he knows what lies ahead. I know what I believe in, and that keeps me going.”

Let’s talk lessons. What have you learned, and what would you tell others?

“An important lesson I learned was to make an impact that holds an eternal bearing. I have one life to live and one life to dedicate towards something big and meaningful, so I want it to be full of purpose. I heard it once said, your career is what you’re paid for; your calling is what you were made for. I’ve learned that my calling is to love people and make sure that they know they are loved by someone way bigger and way better than me.”

“As for others, I’d say let the career you’re pursuing teach you. Don’t be set on reaching happiness because happiness comes from the word happenstances. Happiness is wavering and changing. Have joy amidst everything because that is unshakeable. You’re never stuck in a job, so work hard and be the best at it for as long as you’re serving time in it. Learn from people and their perspective, be open, kind, and intentional because that insight and exercising kindness and intentionality will never go wasted.”

If you don’t mind getting personal, what do you think you’ve had to grow through in life? What challenges and obstacles have you already faced?

“I grew up in a pretty broken home. My parents divorced when I was young; as a single mom from another country with English as her second language, I quickly became involved with financial decisions. I started working at thirteen to help my mom. In high school, my mom gave birth to my youngest sibling, whom I took to school with me because we could not afford daycare, and my mom needed to work. The chaos of my home life is the only natural disadvantage I would say I had, there was a lot of disbelief and pity people had towards me because of it, but I think it caused me to be more driven and resilient because of the odds that were against me.”

Finally, what is your advice to others hoping to grow through their own circumstances?

“Prove to anyone who has ever talked down to you or said you ‘couldn’t’ that they’re wrong by killing them with kindness. And then keep kicking ass wherever you are because when you look back at all you’ve gone through, you’ll look back at the invaluable lessons that made you who you are today. God’s got you.”

It’s not hard to see why the Vaddo, Inc team is so inspired by and fascinated with Charissa Radach. In the few months we have worked with her, she has made a profound and life-long impact on each leader, teammate, and client she has worked with. She is the person we look to for a positive reminder or encouragement or just a reminder of her personal mantra – you are loved.