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‘Don’t Play Me in Mario Kart;’ A Conversation About Drive with Chris Gallagher

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  • ‘Don’t Play Me in Mario Kart;’ A Conversation About Drive with Chris Gallagher

“Success means freedom. It means achieving true freedom in your life, freedom of time, freedom of money. The type of freedom that lets you live with no external anxieties that affect how you live.”

That was twenty-three-year-old Junior Team Lead Chris Gallagher, on the meaning of real success. Houston born and raised; Chris Gallagher has been fighting for success his entire life. Lucky for all of us, he found his path to freedom on May 17th, the day he joined the Vaddo, Inc. team.

As a child, Gallagher dreamt of becoming an actor, but after attending Texas A&M University, he realized his true passion- communication and human connection. Majoring in Communications with a minor in Business, Gallagher learned many things. “The experience at A&M taught me that family goes beyond the people who raised you,” says the leader, “the people in your life that truly matter can come into your life at any time. I met people at school that will always be family to me, and Texas A&M will always be a second home.” Many graduates find the transition from college to the adult world a difficult one, especially in 2020. “It was a huge shift in maturity when I started here,” says Gallagher, “I have become much more mature, and I think I have developed more during this time than I did in four years of college. It can be hard to go from college to being thrown into the workforce, but my Vaddo, Inc. teammates made it easy.”

Any great leader will tell you that the commitment must come from within. No one can force you to care about anything, and no one can push you enough to achieve real success. You must find that drive in yourself and go, go, go. That said, does it require a competitive edge? Not always. “I’ve never been a super competitive person,” says Gallagher, “I never played sports as a kid, but there are things that I refuse to lose in. Let’s just say, don’t play me in Mario Kart.”

“I hold myself accountable when it comes to determination and commitment,” says Gallagher, “With determination, I find passion in what I do. I look to improve on myself by training new employees and reading to develop my mental stamina. Of course, nothing can be achieved without commitment; that’s the fuel that keeps the passion alive.”

His advice to future leaders? “Take your job day by day. Don’t focus on the lives of others. We are all where we need to be, so focus on yourself and be the best version of who you are.” We couldn’t agree more; the absolute best thing about the Vaddo, Inc. team is the diversity. Each team leader has a different style, past, and goal, but we share a passion for human connection and sales.