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Our Commitment to Excellence

Sales is scary for most. It is definitely challenging and will push everyone outside their comfort zone, regardless of experience level. What we believe we have done here at Vaddo, Inc. is systematize the learning curve that everyone will eventually have to go through at some point in their career, if they are ever to learn a new skill set, and that’s what sales is, a skill set. Like every other skill on earth, it can then be practiced and with the right person be replicated and fun. Every client we work with needs sales. They do not need help marketing, they spend millions already on advertising, but the actual sale, the shaking of a clients hand, the introduction and breaking ice with a potential customer is getting harder and harder due to the increase in technology and the consumers lack of predictability. Our hands on, very involved training methods have been proven over the past 10 years to not only work effectively but excel at delivering results that clients cannot get enough of. Our methods of wowing the customer on the front end to organically retain them on the back end, not only guarantees our profitability to our clients but reduces their cost of acquiring new customers and retaining them all together, making us invaluable to some of the largest telecom corporations in the world. Our higher standards for hiring and how we conduct our sales in a professional, honest and transparent manner, separate us from everyone else who tries to acquire sales with the old school mentality of doing “anything it takes”. We will not do that. We will find a way to win, while maintaing our values, standards and protection of our clients brand name as if it were our own.

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What Makes Vaddo, Inc. Great

We generate results with the highest standards, and integrity is always at the forefront of our mission.

Our Mission

Is to empower and equip every member of our team to take control of their professional and personal lives.

Our Values

Values like mental toughness, competition, leadership, good decision making, and being adaptable is the recipe for our culture at Vaddo, Inc.

Our Results

We promise a lot and always overdeliver. Some competitors are scared right now to make bold claims for fear of the "uncertainty" of the future. We have always been certain about one thing from day one. That change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same, so the old school mentality is what we are the complete opposite of. We do not think we ever have it figured out. We do not believe we are ever done growing. We do not ever act in arrogance, but we are extremely confident in ourselves to figure out anything because of our core values listed above and the type of environment and people we hire, train and develop, which is to follow through on our word and not stop until the job is done.