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COVID-19 Update

Safety Update

Vaddo, Inc. is adhering to CDC guidelines by implementing the following business practices:

The safety of our employees is our top priority. We are working to prevent and reduce transmission among employees, maintain safe business operations, and maintain a healthy work environment.

All team meetings are held over zoom.

All interviews are done through virtual platforms.

All leadership development training is done remotely.

A minimum of 6 feet between employees is required inside the office building.

Face coverings are required, and all work stations are sanitized.

Customer meetings are done face-to-face with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Truth #1

2020 was a crazy year for everyone.

 Many companies have not survived the shutdowns and overall adjustments that every industry had to make, yet this is not the case with us. Vaddo, Inc. is poised for a massive 2021, and it’s because of our company structure and the people we choose to build an organization with.

Truth #2

Experience isn’t needed to work here.

No one has ever done what we do at Vaddo, Inc. until you work here and actually do it; therefore, we do not have to hire only those with experience. Instead, we want our next team member to have integrity, a strong work ethic, commitment to learning, and a confidence that comes with grit.

Truth #3

Vaddo, Inc. is looking for new talent.

If you have been been laid-off, furloughed, had your industry flipped upside down because of COVID-19, stuck at a dead-end job without any growth, or just looking to get a career started, contact our hiring team today to see working with us would potentially be a good fit.