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Communication Skills

Building Solid Relationships

Instead of communicating with customers over the phone or through email, we meet with them face-to-face to create a personalized marketing experience. By meeting in-person, Vaddo, Inc. ensures profitable client-consumer relationships!

We are adamant about doing work that helps people, so we build effective communication with each customer.
We dominate the competition by giving something most marketing/sales firms do not: in-person communication.
On behalf of our client, we offer products/services that are both high quality and cost-effective.
Economic Growth Advancement Expansion

As professional representatives, we find the best way to market products for the lowest overhead cost. Vaddo, Inc. brings high rates of return and increased profit margins. Representing multi-billion dollar clients in industries such as telecom, satellite, and fiber optics, Vaddo, Inc. goes above and beyond for its clients and delivers quality customers along with effective and organic leadership into other markets.

With a business model built off of promoting our team members organically and internally, all growth at Vaddo, Inc. is based off of merit and performance. Starting first as an entry level Management Trainee, performing individuals have massive growth opportunities to move into roles of Assistant Manager and Senior Partner over the course of 1-2 years due to client demand and expansion.

Vaddo, Inc. has lofty expansion goals for both our clients and our team. We plan to expand into at least 2 new markets across the country each year, which fuels growth for our clients’ brand and career opportunities for our team members. We continue to deliver irreplaceable results for our clients, expand as an organization, and provide a work environment where our team members' success is always our first priority.


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